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Our chapter believes in a strong brotherhood, derived from family ties that bring us together. Our progress would not be what it is today if not for our parent's sacrifices.

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Since 2016, Zeta Beta Tau has welcomed strong-willed and cultured members into our Fraternity. Founded by a group of young and courageous individuals who took a leap of faith to form this chapter, our duty is to keep their legacy alive.

We encourage intellectual growth and success by offering alumni networking opportunities and a variety of events throughout the year, which encourage bonding between members and help create a foundation of lasting friendships.

Home to over 20 different cultural backgrounds leading to a vast international presence, as well as over 15 different religions, our chapter takes pride in our diversity, spirituality, and commitment to our national Jewish heritage. 

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Truth is about the pursuit of honesty academic and career development. Brothers should take on a significant academic challenge, and they should accumulate knowledge, skills, and strategies that will prepare them for a meaningful career.


Joining Zeta Beta Tau not only comes with opportunities for students but also provides a network for our parents through our online platform as well as our annual events designated to our parents. Getting involved allows you to feel a part of an organization where we value your input and participation.

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Why ZBT?

How does Fraternity membership help reinforce or create a sense of civic responsibility and service to others?
Every school year Fraternity & Sorority donate their time and support to support many different causes. Our chapter supports both local charities and their national organization’s philanthropy.  SCU Fraternities have made and continue to make a difference, both on and off campus, through organized service and dedicated philanthropy.

How will Fraternity membership provide social activities for my student?
The social life of fraternity men can be very rich and rewarding, with friendships made that can last a lifetime, and the development of social skills which will be useful to any adult. Fraternities provide activities which sharpen conversation techniques, conflict resolution skills, and promote poise and a sense of social grace. All of the Fraternity letter organizations at SCU advocate the legal, responsible use of alcohol by members, and both they and their national organizations, as well as the Fraternity and Sorority Life staff, work to ensure that this responsibility is taken seriously.

What are the costs associated with joining a Fraternity and how much time is required of members?
It is important that each student who considers joining be aware of the expenses of both initially joining a group, and maintaining membership. Each Greek Life chapter is self-supporting, funded primarily by membership dues and some fundraising. Costs vary depending on individual national dues, insurance premiums, social fees, and house expenses, where applicable. Most chapters will provide a payment plans and reduced expenses for members with special needs. All students are encouraged to speak to our financial committee board members.

As a parent, what should I do to support my son decision to join ZBT?
First of all, we understand joining Greek life is a large commitment, our members encourage all students to seek out as much information as they can about Greek Life before making the decision to rush. After that decision is made, conversation is welcomed by our executive board and all of our members for specific details regarding our Zeta Beta Tau chapter. 

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